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And with the power of ray-tracing, you can add more life-like effects to your videos. The only thing that might keep some people away from this GPU is the higher price. But this inflated price is the effect of the great GPU shortage that happened the last year. Even if you look at the design of both cards, it would be hard to distinguish them on the basis of just design. Though it needs over W of PSU to run, it hardly uses any extra power if you are browsing the internet or dealing with light tasks.

This also makes it one of the most silent graphics cards to install on your video editing PC. RX XT comes with 3 powerful fans for excellent heat dissipation.

Even under a heavy workload, it is hard to listen to the fans spinning at full speed. Still, if you are working on more GPU-accelerated workloads and need faster H.

But if you are a professional video editor who relies on GPU-accelerated effects, then you would notice improvement gains in an RTX as compared to other cards in the RTX family.

Obviously, this card needs you to have a high-end W power supply on your workstation. The tremendous amount of power generates more heat, so to take care of that you will find triple iCX3 Cooling fans on this card. If you want to make your Adobe Premiere workstation future-proof for video editing, then we highly suggest you go with RTX The GTX is a mid-range chip to improve your video editing skills on Adobe applications.

What are the complete computer specs, including hard drives how many, what kind, what is on each, and how full? Adobe Support Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Show only Search instead for. Did you mean:. Tim Latter. Hardware or GPU. Follow Report. Community guidelines. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more. I had responded to your previous post. Jump to latest reply. Peru Bob. I don’t think ny of the currently available versions of CC will be able to use that graphics.

Unfortunately i know little, so after weeks of searching i came up with this scheme: 7 x asus tuf gaming x plus wifi gigabyte geforce gtx oc 6g corsair vengeance lpx dimm 16gb — Samsung Evo Plus NVMe M.

Looks good and all parts are compatible with each other. This is quiet a powerful PC for video editing up to 4K and will serve you well. Works perfectly well! Thank you very much mate! Almost forgot.. Are they compatible with the gigabyte geforce gtx oc 6g? Is there a problem with 4k or should i go for p? Also, they will work fine with the gigabyte geforce gtx oc 6g at 4K. Your current recommendations for future-proof laptops for 10 bit 4k video editing? Hope you are doing well. I went through your article and comments section.

You are too good in this topic. So, I need your help. I talked with different people and got different opinions regarding Video Editing PC.

The result is not concluded. Previously in our office, we used Power Mac G5 but its not used it right now. Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects will be used in that setup. Please recommend me which one is good for that? Budget would be USD within would be good but if need more budget then go till Another question which would be better for video editing, workstation or modified PC.

A workstation grade PC with workstation processor and graphics card will cost you way more. Nowadays, you can get great performance with a standard custom built PC with consumer level components in much lesser budget. Here is the configuration for your needs:. This is a powerful PC for 4K video editing and for gaming as well.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply as I was looking for those products which were advised by you. I got all products except 2. One, motherboard and graphics card. So, what you would suggest me in this matter? Rx 4gb is batter then gtx 4gb same price range when it comes to gaming..

I am so confused.. I want to buy a graphic card today.. For Aftereffect and gaming.. I have a tight budget for graphic card… And Under rs. Well, if you want an overall package for both gaming and professional applications then it is better to go for the RX Yes I have already decided to go for rx I hope it ll renders faster then gtx ti in after effect cc I am editing on an iMac running on 4. I do have a thunderbolt 3 available so I am wanting to run egpu tb3 and am looking at the radeon graphics card because I know it will work.

Will this be enough for editing 4K60 clips? Appreciate advice and feedback. Out of the two, which one do you prefer? Sorry, last question LOL. Which one would you prefer working with Adobe premiere CC. Hello, now I have k 32gb ram and gtx Ti 3gb, which should be next graphic card for 4k edit in Premiere pro and AE? Should I change procesor also or only card to feel more performance? Should I feel significant speed up? What graphic card would you recommend with this set up?

Yes it is good for 4K video editing. I am planning a build in the next two weeks. It will be for general use, a lot of multitasking, and some Adobe photo, video, and audio editing.

I would like to stay with Intel, and my budget is — USD at the moment. Ik — Might OC to 5. I want to build strong now for future proofing. The only thing I went light on was the video card, in order to keep the budget down. So, what do you think? Anything I am overlooking anything? Your thoughts on Aorus vs Hero? Thoughts on cooling? Would you say mm with lower fan speeds or mm with more surface area? And thoughts on the video card? Will the Ti meet my needs with regards to editing, even at 4k?

Lastly, I feel partial to Samsung for storage. I got two 1 TB drives instead of a 2 TB because it was cheaper that way. I prefer to use M. But if I add more storage later I will go with the Per your advice, I will research the Super. I think I can accommodate that in my budget.

But just to be sure, do you think that is the sweet spot? Or would moving up just be unnecessary? As for the Mobo, thank you for confirming about the VRM.

Did you prefer the Ultra to the Master? And for cooling, I will definitely research the CLC you mentioned. Sounds good. Still confused if a mm would be any better. Hopefully that will help with temps also. For motherboard, I would stay with Ultra. Yes Noctua fans are great as they deliver great performance remain quiet too.

We can expect the drop in price of K especially with the recent launch of Ryzen 9 X and also because of upcoming 10th gen Intel processors.

Hi, I want to know which one would be better between gtx ti and gtx for 4k video rendering? Please guide me for the same. That was a really quick reply. But above you have mentioned ti is better. If you could elabborate a bit, it would be really helpful. I am confused between following 2 laptops: Acer Nitro 7 — H Base clock speed — 2.

Acer Nitro 5- H Base clock speed — 2. Between these two laptops, better go with one with Core i5 H. I have the same processor Core i5 H in my laptop and its performance is really good but it does heat up a bit faster. Thank You Akshat for such a quick response. Really appreciate your efforts.

Great blog out there. Hi Akshat, nice too see that you are helping people! So, i have also a question about graphic Card. I will buy new desktop for video editing. Sometimes i read that rtx is a problem in Adobe premiere pro…. What do you think of the setup? Greetings Dominiek. I think GTX Ti should be enough for your setup. It is as fast as the RTX and costs less. I have problems starting Windows 10 Proffesional 64bit and I suspect the problem is the gaphic card.

I have ASUS. I would like to upgrade to a similar one but with x2 HDMI output. It should be enough for p video editing and basic 4K video editing. Yes it is a very good card. It is quiet and has a great cooler that keeps the temperature well within limit. Thanks a lot. But i want to confirm that gtx ti is not enough for 4k -8bit.

Can you confirm? I would like to buy a laptop for youtube channel video editing. Can you suggest the best configuration or best budget model? As I am a beginner to this field, I am looking for something in the range 30K — 40K if possible.

Ofcourse, the machine should be good enough to handle video processing. To get a decent machine, you need to expand your budget to up to 50K at least. Are you OK with it? You can get it at under 50K INR. Hi, thanks for the article. I have tried with with Premiere 18, 19 and Updated, removed and installed GPU drivers. I even tried a Gefore ti 4gb card to see the same performance.

Hi Akshat, Thank you for making such an informative page. I would like your expertise, please. I just bought my first laptop after a break for 3 years. I previously used MacBooks. I am looking for a machine which will be fast and efficient for me to use for writing and web design but also for more intensive tasks such as editing photos and also videos including 4K footage from my drone and other camera. Is this one good enough for what I need? This is a pretty good configuration for the price.

The Core iH processor is great for productivity and gaming and can handle heavy duty intensive tasks comfortably. The graphics card is a bit on the mainstream side but is powerful enough for p editing and basic to mid level 4K editing unless you use softwares like davinci resolve that requires a GPU with 8GB VRAM for 4K editing. So, I think this laptop is sufficient for you and the only thing to upgrade is the RAM only. Ok Akshat, thank you for the advice.

I could do 2 x 16GB with the money saved from not spending this on a same model laptop with a higher GPU. Cheers Akshat! I think it is a pretty good setup and will serve you good for video editing, gaming and in other productivity tasks. My price tag is getting high and I still need a monitor.

What do you recommend for a graphics card as I was recommended the eVGA super xc but I would rather save some money towards a decent monitor. I would also like to use the computer for some gaming from time to time but the main focus is on the video editing aspect and being able to easily edit 4K video and possibly higher resolution in the future.

Why do you want to update the BIOS. It is a fairly simple process using a USB drive. R5 2. Graphic card is where im confusing the most will rx or ? PSU Corsair 5. Mobo b with updated bios will this build will serve me for years? It is a decent configuration and can serve you up to 5 years.

Do you think the RTX will be good enough for 4K video editing? Is it worth upgrading to the RTX ? The RTX is outside my budget. I have 6gb ddr5 zotac gtx in desktop with 16gb ram, core i5 and 5tb hard and my work requires me to travel so i m looking for a laptop that can handle atleast 4k editing at 60 fps for videos of long durations as in like hours long 4 k footage. What Core i5 processor is this? Trying to decide which video card. Probably no gaming, but only if I did. Mostly content creation, general editing, and heavy multitasking.

Do you feel a Super would be more appropriate for my needs? Would it have enough Cuda Cores for any editing I do even at 4K, light gaming, and be somewhat future-proof? And which Super would you recommend?

Considering my processor, is it worth it or can I get a Vega 64 instead? I think you should get the RX XT but the one with original reference design because some custom cards may have problem fitting in the Razor Core X. I definitely heard you. Talked today with an AMD guy and he confirmed what the website said. And it seems to work great with the MBPs.

Thank you very much for your time and this page! What GPU would you suggest to buy for better performance: 1. Regarding the config, it is quite good. I would primarily be doing editing maybe 4K in the future. Please recommend. By the way thanks for such a fantastic article.

Hardly any other article on the net from a video editing perspective. Keep up the good work. The thing is that the GTX Ti is a faster and more efficient card here. I think GTX Ti is a better choice overall. I am looking for building a video editing PC. I found your Site here. Excuse me my english please. One Question please.

I want to make a long movie a one and half hour… or a little bit longer , some effects, Color graiding etc. I have a Razor Core X Egpu. Now I want to by me a graphic Card. For 4k Editing. I hope you unterstand what I mean? My Film footage is 4k… so I can better work with zoom in or so. And in the Post Production I only need a lower resolution. I only want a good workflow.

Without stop effects in the Playback. Thats is all I need. Thank you very much if you can help me for a decision. Hey Akshat, first and foremost let me thank you for helping folks who are seeking your advice regarding the selection of a nice GPU card. Will this be fine for my work flow? You can do some basic 4K video editing depending on the software you are using. For adobe premiere pro it is better to go for a nvidia graphics card gtx or higher. RXX may not work that well. The GTX cards dont appear to be such good value?

So I think both the RX and RX will fit but I will also have to buy a better power supply and pay someone to fit it. Hitfilm is my first editing software as it was free and use it to edit GoPro 7 Hero footage as a hobby but may change in the future.

I mainly shoot in 2k. It should be enough for your needs. Akshat, You rock — this is the only place where we can ask these sometimes esoteric questions. Great job and thanks. I am finding that rendering time is slower than I would like.

If the benefit is not going to be substantive, it is not worth it. The rig is primarily used for video editing using Powerdirector, and secondarily for photo work using Affinity, On1 and Topazlabs.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and wisdom! Thanks for the appreciation and your kind words. I think it is worth upgrading to RTX especially when its price is dropping. Ryzen 7 faster in video editing because of more cores 2.

RAM is OK 4. Corsair VS should be enough 7. Many thanks for your help in advance. I would like to upgrade my display card which is able to support 4K H. Is GTX super good enough for this? CPU i7- X 6 core 2. However, they are decent enough for p 60FPS. However, you can still get decent amount of performance and can play most of the games at p high settings.

Video for now mainly fhd but probably near future i will start make 4k also…. Few choices i can have: 1. Especially for longer projects over 15 min? Hello Akshat, I am very happy that I came across your article because I am in a process of upgrading my desktop computer and because you are fast to respond to any question posted here so thank you for that!

I am looking to upgrade my years old desktop. Also I want to mention that my raw files from the camera are large in size, over 50MB each before any editing.

Should I get the regular model for flexibility to reuse in the future or get the AMD specific? Any other suggestions on how to configure the storage? Maybe stay with only Evo and save some money for later upgrade? Q 6 — Please suggest internal drive, at least 4TB, which is not too expensive to store pictures. Or should I get a Ti card? Main requirement is to have a good ventilation front panel should be a mesh with good fans behind it.

Any suggestions here? Ryzen 7 X comes with Wraith Prism Cooler which is a very good cooler and enough for this processor. So, I suggest to stick with it only and this way you can save some money too. Corsair RM W is an overkill for this system but do get this only because the price difference between w and W models is not much.

For case, get a mid-tower one. My computer is an HP z Processor intel xeon r cpu E5 0 2. Hi Mr. Verma, Thank you so much for all the support and for sharing your master knowledge to me. What will be the best option for my editing bay working with 4K footage and using primarily Premiere, AE, Photoshop, etc.?

How about increasing the RAM to 64gb? I am very grateful and looking forward to hearing from a very competent expert like you. Best, Guenny. I think it would be better to upgrade to a new graphics card. Verma, Thank you so much for your quick response and input. I am very grateful. I think you are better off with the current processor as it is quite enough. Thank you so much for your response and ongoing support. I want to clarify myself before making my final decision.

I plan to update my macOS to Morave What would be your recommendation in terms of update graphic card? Please forgive me for keeping bothering you.

Will it work for photoshop, video editing or i should stay away from rx? Could you please tell me which is the AMD card with minimum requirements for a smooth 4k video playback including Netflix 4K videos?!

Are 2GB enough? Good day Sir Akshat Verma. First of all Thank you so much in your articles. My son bought a PC.. My son do drawings wacom he do 4k video rendering and photo editing now a days using premier pro. GEForce GT 3.

Can you enlighten us on what to do to? To address his existing hobbies.. I would suggest upgrading to a better CPU and graphics card. Noted sir.. Thank you again for your time. Been reading and following your articles for quite sometime now. Thank you and keep up the good work. I purchased the card you recommended, however when editing 4k the playback in premiere pro is juddery?

Hi Akshat, I am getting a gtx for basic p video editing in Davinci Resolve. Is it enough? For Davinci Resolve, I think it is not enough. I suggest to go for RX 8GB as it will cost nearly the same. Hello Brother, I need your help.

My budget is 20k. Please suggest me best graphics card which i can use for at least 3 to 5 years. Waiting for you suggestion. Regards Sukurana. If you want to go with Intel then Core-i9 K is a great choice for both video editing and gaming.

For motherboard, both are very good. Should I change the processor? I know these 2 was quite debatable choices. Thanks for the quick respond by the way. Well, if you can then going with the Ryzen 9 X is a better decision because Core iK cannot compete with it in terms of productivity or content creation. Hello brother, okay one last question. Is it better than Ti or kinda similar?

Ryzen 7 X is way ahead of Core i7 K in productivity tasks and content creation even in premiere pro. The only area in which Core i7 K is better is gaming and that too by a mediocre margin.

Both of them support dual channel memory only and I would suggest to go for MHz only. Sir few weeks now i message you here infact am so glad that you gave me solution options sir. Since i dont have any background when it comes to computer set up. And too many choices that i do not know how. Whats is the best 1 step ahead set up for HB?

Graphics card? What ryzen? AMD Ryzen 5 processor 3. Thank you so much sir. Now we know what to buy specifically… let you know so soon if we have the set-up already sir.. Which one is better? Already read it. It really helps! But as for yourself, is it worth it or is it necessary to overclocking for video editing especially 4k video res?

What do you think personally? However, the new founders edition cards with dual fan open air cooler in the RTX 20 series are pretty good. I wanted build pc for graphics designing, video editing, web site development and also for gaming. Is Rx will be wise choice? Can you suggest me a good configuration? Thank you for your help.

However I have been able to find very little information about it online. Do you know of anyone using them? Thanks for your response. So that is a yes, the Geforce RTX cards now support 10 bit with this update. Good news. Hello, Akshat and everyone else! Thank you for your informative article! Will it work well with Cyberlink PowerDirector ? I am currently using this SW for full HD video x rendering of home movies but would like to get a card with the future in mind — i.

Hello, first off great article. I recently upgraded to a Ryzen x on a Strix Xe board. I am using my old GTX video card. I am considering buying a new card as well. My display is a Benq SW which as you probably know is true 10bit panel.

I shoot in 10bit D-log. How much is your budget for the graphics card? Hello, Akshat! Thank you for this article! I am looking for a laptop that I can use with it Adobe cc especially illustrator, photoshop, premiere I also want the pc to be light thin. Which graphic card and OS do you recommend. The issue is with GPU purchase.

I can now spare limited amount for both these items. Editing in 4K is a basic requirement and also having a 4K monitor. But now I am having 2nd thoughts. My questions are — 1. Is Super a overkill for me!! The Super will save me 10K atleast which I can partly use for the 4K display. What would be the best optimum combination considering Cost and also Performance.

Ps, Sorry that I missed out on some more information. My system is not overclocked and I have no intention to do so. How would the TU chipset in the Super be of superior utility in editing in comparision to the TU in the Super?

Would it help in faster render or smoother experience? For my desk size, 24inch would be ideal. Also, I think inch is too small for 4K and I would suggest you to go for inch or higher. I built my machine in to be a mid-level work station.


Adobe premiere pro cc supported graphics cards free. 5 Tips to Optimize Adobe Premiere Pro for Best Performance (Without Using Proxies!)

bit multi-core processor (Intel 6th Gen or AMD FX). · bit Windows · 2 GB VRAM. · 8 GB RAM. · 8 GB HDD space (additional free space. On Windows: Processor: Intel® i / AMD FX equivalent or greater; Memory: 4 GB RAM; Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX. For maximum performance, make sure any add-in video card is installed in a 16x PCI slot inside the host computer. Adobe Premiere Pro CC may also take advantage.


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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a video editing software package. It allows users to create and edit videos, as well as add visual effects and audio. The software can be used to create videos for a wide range of purposes, including marketing, training, and product demonstrations.

One of the key features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is its ability to work with a wide range of video formats. The software also includes a number of pre-built templates that allow users to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily. In adobe premiere pro cc supported graphics cards free, Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a video prwmiere software that you can use spported create and edit videos. With this software, you can create videos for your business, school projects, or just for fun. This file is clean, compress, and tested on Windows platform. If disabling the AD blocker or changing the Web Browser does not help you, adobe premiere pro cc supported graphics cards free contact us.

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